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  • What happens after I book?
    After we have confirmed you are officially booked, there's nothing else we require from you! We will create, organize, and provide everything needed for each item listed in your booked package. We may be in touch via email with some questions regarding party preferences, but other than the occasional response, you're free to sit back and relax!
  • What days and times can I book parties?
    DURING SCHOOL YEAR During school session parties are booked weekends only and occasionally scheduled breaks such as Spring or Winter Break. Saturdays after 12:00pm Sundays after 12:00pm (Friday evenings between the hours of 5:00-7:00pm) Limited Availability, Central San Gabriel Valley Locals Only SUMMER MONTHS​ Contact for confirmation on weekday availability
  • How many hours is my party package for?
    Below each package title, there is an amount of hours listed. This number represents the maximum number of hours that is allotted to complete all services in that package. Please note that these hours are as needed. Some parties may finish sooner, but most finish right at the maximum hour mark. Remember, this does not include your cake time or gift opening! As a reminder be sure to select a party start and end time for your guests that not only allows the maximum allotted hours needed for our services, but time for any special activities or ceremonies you may have planned as well.
  • Why are stations 2 hours long?
    After servicing many many parties, we have come to realize that the 2 hour mark is the optimal amonut of time to keep young guests entertained.
  • What are the recommended ages for your party rentals?
    Our parties and their activities are recommended for guests ages 5-11. However, we have seating options for guests older than the recommended age.
  • How far in advance shoud I book my date?
    Ideally reservations should be made within 1-2 months of the desired party date, however if you are looking into a particular date and it is open, you are more than welcome to book it! Please keep in mind the rush fees may apply with last minute bookings. Depending on selected Package Upgrades and Guest Count, events may qualify as "last minute bookings" if booked within 2 weeks of event date.
  • Where are your events held?
    All events are held at the client's requested location. This may be a home, church, hall, or rented venue/party space. We do not operate out of a store location or a mobile bus. We also only host events on the first level of multi-story buildings. If hostesses feel unsafe or are made to feel uncomfortable by clients or client's guests at any time, they maintain the right to refuse service aand or leave the premises and all monies will be forfeited.
  • Do you have a store location?
    At this time we are an exclusively "mobile" party entertainment company.
  • Are all prices firm? Can I make changes to a package?
    All package prices and package contents/guest counts are firm and can not be changed or substituted. However, you are welcome to customize an existing pacakge by adding services or amenities listed under "Uprgade your Package!"
  • How do I pay for my party deposit?
    A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your party date and time. Please note your deposit payment (less tax) will be used towards the total cost of the party. Yay! We accept party deposit payments using debit/credit card via Venmo (Profile Name: PetiteLuxeParties) or you may request a PayPal Invoice. This payment is processed via PayPal's secure payment gateway. Remember, you DO NOT need to make a PayPal account to use this feature. You may use your debit or any other major credit card to make the payment. If you already have a PayPal account you may log in (if you wish) and pay through your existing account. The deposit less tax is used towards the total party cost. Parties cancelled forfeit deposit, parites requesting to reschudule will be required to submit additional monies.
  • Is my deposit refundable?
    Your deposit is considered non-refundable. However, your deposit (less tax) is used towards the total cost of the party. So, the "Remaining Balance" due one week prior to your party will be the "Total Cost of the Party" minus the "Party Deposit."
  • When do I have to pay the remaining balance?
    The remaining balance must be paid 1 week prior to the party date. If payment is not made by this time, a late fee will be charged of $50.00. Payments may be made using a debit or credit card via Venmo (Profile Name: PetiteLuxeParties) or Paypal invoice. Credit card fees apply. No checks will be accepted at any time for any reason.
  • Do I have to pay for guests I booked, even if they don't show up?"
    Yes. This is because we purchase and transport items for each party in the amounts submitted. The amount of guests listed as your final count and/or listed on your party agreement is how many guests you will be charged for the event. Payment is due 1 week prior to scheduled party date.
  • When is my party considered a "Last Minute Booking"?"
    A last minute booking time frame may vary depending on particular package choice and guest count size. Most often it refers to booking less than 2 weeks before your event date. The average Rush Order fee is $45.
  • Is the guest of honor included in the package guest count?
    Yes, the guest of honor is included in the package guest count. For example, a pamper package that hosts "up to 8 special guests" would include the guest of honor plus 7 additional guests.
  • Can I add more guests to my party package?
    Yes you can! However, additional guests will incur a fee. *Guest of Honor is included in the total guest count* FINAL GUEST COUNT DUE 2 WEEKS BEFORE PARTY DATE! Additional guests submitted after the final date must be approved and incurs a $10-20 increase in the per guest fee.
  • What do I need to buy/provide for the party?
    You do not need to purchase or provide anything that pertains to the party package booked. We will provide everything needed to complete each activity or service. You only need to arrange for the refreshments, cake, favors, and if you choose any major wall or hanging decor. We only require clear access to the party space ans hot water or electric outlets (if applicable to activity theme)! *We do offer a Party Favor Package Upgrade as well.*
  • When will a hostess arrive to set-up?
    Hostess(es) will arrive usually between 1-2 hours of the official party start time to unload and set-up for your party. Upon arrival please have selected party space already clear, so hostesses may proceed with set-up as quickly as possible. Upon completion of services, hostesses will immediately begin to clean up and begin to exit the property. The clean up process is normally between 30-45 minutes depending on the package. Arrival Times Pop-Up Stations: approx. 45 min-1 hr before ALL-INCLUSIVE: approx. 2 hours before
  • What should I do with my pets?
    Although we love pets too, unfortunately they are the only guests not invited to the party. Please keep all pets in their proper cages, tanks, or rooms and away from party space upon arrival and until departure. This is largely for sanitary purposes as well as the safety of your pet, the hostesses, and all guests.
  • What happens if my guests are late?
    We know each invited guest is very special and it can be hard to start a party without one, but due to the nature of our business we must start and finish all scheduled parties on time. That being said you are allotted a certain amount of party service time. So, it is entirely your choice to either wait for your tardy guests or begin the party with those present. We strongly suggest starting the party at it's scheduled time and letting tardy guests join in the fun as they arrive. This is so that you don't risk running out of time to complete all services or activites with the guests present. Upon availability a party may be extended the day of if necessary for an additional fee. Every Additional Half Hour= $75
  • When will you send me the pictures taken at the party or photoshoot?
    If a Mini Photoshoot is included in your party package, you will have access to all of the best images taken from the shoot within a week or two of your party date!
  • What does "For Entertainment Purposes Only" mean?"
    "For Entertainment Purposes Only" means that all services provided are just that, a form of entertainment. The services are provided to mimic actual spa and beauty services in a fun, safe, and time effecient manner. The experience is what we strive to acheive!
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